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To help you along with your self-catering holiday in Northern Ireland, we have a number of articles on the Authentic Northern Ireland website to help you make the most of your visit to the region. Self-catering is great way to soak in the area you are visiting as you, in part, assume the day to day life of the locals; shopping where they shop and living amongst them with your days completely unscheduled by anyone else (this freedom can be lost on certain holiday packages). The only thing which is pretty essential for self-catered holidaying is some form of transport as many self-catering properties are found in rural settings. 

First of all, we have our guide to self-catered holidaying in general; Top Tips for Self-Catered Holidaying. This is for anyone thinking of going on a self-catering holiday who either haven't before or are looking for a little guides to make sure that they have all bases covered. 

Then we have a guide for those thinking of coming to Northern Ireland on holiday but are unfamiliar with the country and its quirks. Preparing for a Trip to Northern Ireland will give you an overview all some aspects such as currency, language and accommodation.

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