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The Planetarium with a Dramatic Sky in the Background

Come learn more about the wonders of the cosmos at the Armagh Planetarium. The Planetarium, founded in 1968, has been helping the general public with their astronomical pursuits, as well as educate anyone, young or old, about the universe and everything in it. Along with the Armagh Observatory, the Planetarium makes up the Armagh Astropark and since their formation; they have gone through a number of radical renovations to keep their technology as up to date as possible.

The planetarium is host to a number of different shows; each is on a different topic with some of them designed specifically for kids to help them with their initial discovery as to what lies beyond the world we live in. Many of the other shows here are for all ages and all the family; hopefully everyone will leave having learnt something new. The planetarium also hosts water rocket launching during the summer months and laser-quest at times. As well as the shows and activities, the planetarium is home to a number of exhibitions including ones on space and its exploration, meteorites with the opportunity to touch Ireland’s largest meteorite and a number of visiting exhibitions. The fourteen acres of grounds within the Astropark are filled with surprises including a scale version of the universe and a number of metal comparisons between our planet, the sun and other planetary bodies.

The Planetarium and Astropark are a must visit for anyone with kids or anyone with an interest in the universe around us. Stroll around the exhibitions and then enjoy a show or two in the auditorium and see the projections of our universe from images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The planetarium is state-of-the-art and definitely one of the best in Northern Ireland. If you’re looking to keep the whole family entertained; you might have a winner on your hands here.

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Words by John Temke

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